What Is Arsenal Fanshare?

  • An affordable way to invest in Arsenal shares
  • Participate in key votes
  • A means of safeguarding Arsenal's values and spirit
  • A groundbreaking partnership between club and fans

Arsenal Fanshare is an exciting, affordable, new way to buy your own share in the ownership of Arsenal. And because Fanshares cost just one thousandth of the price of shares in Arsenal Holdings Plc (currently around £15-£16 each as opposed to around £15,000 to £16,000), they make owning a share of the club a realistic goal for far more fans.

Shared Influence - Shared Ownership - Shared Values

As football became a bigger and bigger business, few fans are able to retain a share in the ownership of their clubs. The result has been that the fans' voice on matters affecting their clubs' futures has grown weaker and weaker.

But at Arsenal, the idea of Custodianship is central to the club's unique character.
Custodianship is our responsibility as Arsenal fans to look after the club's values and spirit, and keep them safe for future generations.

By buying Arsenal Fanshares and becoming a part-owner of the club, you can share ownership and influence with other fans with whom you already share values.
Together, you can share in the Custodianship of the Arsenal spirit.

When you join Arsenal Fanshare, as well as playing your part in the Custodianship of the club, you receive:

  • An Arsenal Fanshare Certificate
  • A place in a ballot for a seat at the Annual General Meeting of Arsenal Holdings Plc
  • The Chief Executive's Shareholder email updates
  • An opportunity to participate in key votes and resolutions.