How Does Arsenal Fanshare Work?

Arsenal Fanshare Society buys shares in Arsenal Holdings PLC, the company that controls the club, and divides each one up into 1000 Arsenal Fanshares.

As the value of one share in Arsenal Holdings Plc is currently around £15,000 - £16,000, the value of one Arsenal Fanshare is one thousandth of that, so currently around £15 - £16.

You become a Member of Arsenal Fanshare Society by:

  • Paying a one-time-only Membership fee of £20
  • Deciding how much you'd like to invest each month in buying Arsenal Fanshares. The lowest monthly contribution you can make is £10, and the highest is £1000. (You can also invest lump sums of money if you wish.)

Your monthly investments mount up in your account until you have saved enough to cover the cost of a Fanshare, at which time the Fanshare is transferred to your account and any money left over remains in your account towards the cost of your next Fanshare.

You can stop and restart your investing at any time.

You may sell your Fanshares and exit the scheme at any time, but cannot sell only some of your Fanshares and remain within the scheme with your others.

It's important to understand that a charge of 2% is made on all money you invest, to cover the ongoing costs of the professional administration of the scheme's financial operation. Should you decide to exit the scheme, a final administration charge of £50 is made.

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